Peach & Cherry Cobbler

  1. Mix all of the filling ingredients together in a large bowl until fully incorporated and let sit for 10 minutes. 
  2. Place the all-purpose flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, and butter cubes in a medium bowl. 
  3. Rub the butter into the flour by coating it with flour and gently rubbing it between the palms of your hands. Stop when dry mixture looks like sand. 
  4. Whisk the milk, egg, vanilla extract, and salt together until combined in a small bowl. 
  5. Fold the egg mixture into the flour with a rubber spatula until you no longer see dry spots. 
  6. Place the cooking pot into the base of the COSORI Smart Indoor Grill. 
  7. Select the Bake function, adjust temperature to 320°F and time to 20 minutes, then press Start/Pause to preheat.  
  8. Pour the filling into the preheated cooking pot and evenly spread the topping over the filling, then close the lid. 
  9. Remove when done and serve warm.