"Fried" Pickles

  1. DRY the dill pickles very well with a clean kitchen towel and cut into spears.
    2. SET UP a dredging station using 3 shallow bowls. Fill the first shallow dish with flour. Beat the egg in the second dish. Then combine the breadcrumbs, spices, salt and pepper until well incorporated in the last dish.
    3. SELECT Preheat on the Cosori Air Fryer, adjust to 360ºF, and press Start/Pause.
    4. COAT the pickles by dredging them first in the flour, then the egg, and then the breadcrumbs, pressing the crumbs on gently with your hands. Set the coated pickles on a tray and spray them on all sides with cooking spray.
    5. ADD the pickles to the preheated air fryer and cook at 360ºF for 10 minutes, turning them over halfway through cooking and spraying lightly again, if necessary. 
7. SERVE with your favorite dipping sauce.