Sesame Seed Balls (Jin Deui)


  1. Divide the red bean paste into nine 1-ounce balls. Place in the fridge for 5 minutes.  
  2. Whisk together rice flour, wheat starch, sugar, and kosher salt in a large bowl until well combined. 
  3. Whisk in the sesame oil and 1½  tablespoons of canola oil into the flour mixture. 
  4. Stir in the warm water until a dough forms.
  5. Knead the dough until smooth, about 2 minutes. 
  6. Divide the dough into 9 equal balls and lightly coat with canola oil.
  7. Flatten the dough balls into 3-inch circles and place a red bean paste ball in the center.
  8. Pinch the edges of the dough together to cover the red bean ball and roll to make a ball.
  9. Roll each ball into white sesame seeds. 
  10. Select the Preheat function on the Cosori Air Fryer, adjust to 350°F, and press Start/Pause
  11. Place the sesame seed balls into the preheated air fryer basket lined with parchment paper.
  12. Adjust the temperature to 350°F, set time to 25 minutes, and press Start/Pause
  13. Remove from the air fryer and allow it to cool before serving or enjoy hot.